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What We Enable

Are you an existing Product based company & desirous to come out with innovative products with distinctive features using current day technologies at a faster pace?

( Or )

Are you a Budding Founder of a start-up with a Bright Idea that can revolutionize the world with a Disruptive Product & looking for a Technical Co-Founder to convert your Vision into a marketable Product?

The global technological trends (like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT, Smart City etc.) are advancing at a rapid pace and touching every industry, business, and consumer. The pressure to innovate and deliver next-gen intelligent products (with enhanced user expectations) to market quickly has never been so higher..

To deliver and succeed with sustainable solutions, Funambolo Technologies can be your trusted technology co-partner for effective commercialization and revenue.

Funambolo technologies specializes in collaboration & co-partners with its clients in

  • End-to-End Embedded System Design Concept to marketable products. Our optimal designs will work right-the-first-time and will be reliable, meeting your stringent requirements and avoiding the need for multiple iterations.
  • Rapid Prototyping Our highly skilled engineers transform reference designs into quality prototypes quickly, efficiently & economically to accelerate time-to-market and revenue.
  • Value Analysis & Re-Engineering It involves optimized product design, performance, reliability, quality, manufacturing and life-cycle cost management strategies to ensure excellence in our customers’ products.

Team-up with Funambolo in your product development journey for a transparent, predictable and successful outcome.

We take inspiration from our company name, Funambolo - which means, Tightrope Walker in Italian - whose traits are Skill, Agility and Coordination; and put our industry technical Skills, collaborative processes, Eco-system partners resources and project execution capabilities to facilitate our customers in identifying solutions to their technology challenges for the development of innovative product lines virtually in any area. We are Agile to the core.