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Industries We Serve

Defense & Aerospace

Defense & Aerospace companies rely on proactive solution partners to provide cutting-edge technology solutions and greater agility to be at the forefront of developing products that withstand rugged environmental conditions, provide very high uptime and meets stringent quality and test criteria.

Funambolo's team has extensive experience in developing mission critical defense and aerospace embedded electronic products by applying comprehensive expertise throughout the product lifecycle.

Few of our notable projects:Cockpit Instruments for a Trainer Aircraft Simulator Instruments List – Hydraulic Gauges, DC Voltmeter, Oximeter, Altimeter, Accelerometer, Trim Indicator, Flap Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Angle of Attack, E2B Compass

Our team has in the past interacted and closedly worked with technical teams of various DRDO labs in Design of various mission-critical Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) and support systems such as PCM Encoders, Actuator Amplifiers, Command Panels / consoles, intelligent standalone Payloads for space applications, intelligent data loggers for deep water applications etc

Medical Devices

Patient centric Healthcare reforms (especially for aging population), variable regulatory requirements, pressure to develop cost-effective sophisticated medical devices are forcing medical device companies to transform how they operate. Funambolo works collaboratively with its clients to design & develop innovative medical electronics to solve unique technological challenges and accelerate time-to-market in a cost-effective manner.

Funambolo Team has worked with a number of Medical device start-ups and other companies in developing embedded electronics / software in developing a marketable product. The work involves developing embedded electronics using Variety of microcontrollers, DSPs LCD displays, wireless technologies and other systems. Funambolo collaborates and works with user designated product (enclosure) design companies in coming out with hardware to meet the space and other related constraints to comeout with a elegant marketable product.

Funambolo has also developed complete emebedded software and User interface software for a number of medical products.

Industrial IoT & Energy

The Industry 4.0 is rapidly transforming the throughput at lower costs & enabling the Industrial/Energy OEMs to meet customer needs with more flexibility & rigid delivery timelines. Our rich experience in designing & developing customized pressure transmitters, data loggers, remote monitoring solutions, sensors, automation & controls, enable us to provide value-add product engineering services to help our customers develop innovate cost-effective products & accelerates their time-to-market.

Few of our notable projects:

  • Intelligent sensor transmitters
  • Calibration System
  • Intelligent Data Logger to measure pressure from a Gas Turbine
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Remote machine parameter monitoring systems
  • Industrial controls etc

Datacenter/IT Environment Monitoring

Server room monitoring is a critical component in any Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) system. The typical parameters monitored are temperature, humidity, Airflow, Power monitoring (PDUs), water leak detection in raised floor environment, fire alarms, gas detectors, motion sensors, open/closed doors, and status of critical equipment such as Low voltage power panels, UPSs and generators. The data collected provides insights to data center managers in carrying out predictive analysis of availability and uptime and also to optimize the resources and reduce operating costs.

Funambolo has worked with popular DCIM software companies in providing data center monitoring solutions to large data centers in middle east market, by developing and installing the following products

Few of our notable projects:

  • Modbus to SNMP Gateway
  • 16-Port SNMP Dry Contact Monitor
  • SNMP Server Rack Monitoring System
  • Wired/Wireless Humidity & Temperature Sensor
  • NFC (RFID) based Cable Identification System for Patch Panel in a Rack

IoT enabled Smart Home & Security Systems

A Smart Home enables its occupants to experience comfort, security & energy efficiency. Connected products — wearable electronics, consumer electronics, appliances, sensors, security systems — requires customized, innovative embedded electronic designs at its heart. Our expertise in end-to-end embedded electronic design services accelerates our customer’s time-to-market with low cost of ownership.

Few of our notable projects:

  • Embedded electronics for access control Turnstile & Flap Barrier
  • RFID based access control
  • Wi-Fi based Smart Plug for Home Automation
  • GPRS based Remote Monitoring systems

IoT for Smart Cities

Smart Cities mission envisions developing cities that are safe, livable & sustainable to its citizens. IoT technologies forms the core of Smart City concept. Smart sensors coupled with innovative control & automation techniques, intelligent remote monitoring solutions, RFID, Wi-Fi & Zigbee based solutions are few of our expertise in enabling this mission.

Few of our notable projects:

  • Zigbee based Traffic Light Controller
  • Embedded electronics for access control Turnstile & Flap Barrier
  • GPRS based Remote Monitoring systems
  • Animated Pedestrian Traffic Control System